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The success of this project, and the future of the golf industry depend on active community engagement, so we urge and welcome you to continue this conversation within your communities, with us, and with one another. Feel free to continue this conversation via Twitter. Twitter and social media are great ways to connect with other individuals and organizations globally and engage them in our conversation. Tag #NatCapGolf in your tweets and follow @ScienceGreenUMN, @NatCapProject, and @UMNIonE.


Project Fact Sheet:


Phase 1 Project Report:

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May 18th Stakeholder Workshop:

Below is a visual representation and summary of the topics that were discussed, we created a word cloud of terms (see below, larger words correspond to more frequent use):

Word Cloud

From this initial set of terms and the discussions, we heard two important themes:

  1. Environmental indicators (e.g., water use or pollination services), social characteristics (e.g., community perception or educational impact), and economic factors (e.g., employment or development pressures) are important components for our research and golf sustainability more generally to consider; and
  2. There is a distinction between the direct, more tangible benefits that golf course users experience and the larger, sometimes less visible impact that the courses have on the environment and surrounding communities, yet it is important to include both of these perspectives.






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